Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vikalp’s Violence-Free Conflict Resolution Training at Chittor

Vikalp’s Violence-Free Conflict Resolution Training at Chittor

May 21, 2011-May 23, 2011

For three days in Chittor, a forum on domestic violence against women and training on violence-free conflict resolution for males was held and facilitated by Vikalp staff. This discussion and training, which was held from May 21-23, had approximately thirty-five participants. The main goals of the training were to listen to the views and personal feelings of men regarding domestic violence, to discuss the impact of violence on women and society, and to develop solutions and techniques for anger management and violence-free conflict resolution.

Vikalp staff filled the three day training with many activities, exercises, and film screenings for the participants. Vikalp organized these activities seeking to make the men more aware of the effects of violence on women, and also the large degree of gender discrimination in society today. These activities called the men to not only consider the ways in which violence impacted their homes and society, but also to come up with solutions to end domestic violence and gender discrimination against women. At the conclusion of the three-day training, Vikalp staff asked the men to plan how they would deliver the message and ideas of the training back to their communities. Each man took a pledge that they would work to end child marriage in their own communities, create equality among males and females in their community, motivate other villagers to send their children to school, and work to sensitize the masses about female rights। The training in Chittor ended on a very high note. Not only were these men able to learn more about violence-free conflict resolution and the rights of girls and women, but they were also equipped with the tools to spread the message of equality and non-violence in their own communities.

Usha, training facilitator

Role play exercise during training

Role play exercise

Plate game exercise

Participants and training facilitators

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